View Full Version : RSS News Ticker Suggestion

Philip Meyer
2005-02-06, 04:22
Would it be possible update this plugin so that:

1) a user can amend the RSS feed name
2) the (n of n) messages is always visible on the top-right line when small/medium font is used.

When I view the RSS feed on my SqueezeBox display, "BBC News World Edition (1" is displayed. ie. the title is so long that the number of messages is not visible.

I'd like to change this so that the name of that feed is "BBC World News". But in the case where a title is too long, it would still be nice to crop the name so that the number of messages is visible. It's still worth keeping the extra name text though, as moving to a smaller font might display more of the text.

Other suggestions (probably harder, less useful to most people, and perhaps would need an additional config setting to enable/disable facility):

3) When it is displayed via screensaver, pressing "play" button could jump into the plugin, so that backwards/forwards allows the newsfeed to be navigated. It's a little irritating when the screensaver kicks in, and some interesting news bulletin goes past - the user has to go to the plugin menu and navigate through the feeds to get more info.

4) likewise to (3), perhaps "pause" button could stop the scrolling.

For (3) and (4), if the user wants to actually control (ie. pause or resume) playback of music when the screensaver is on, the user presses now-playing first.