View Full Version : sonos observation on gizmodo

Ben Klaas
2005-02-04, 11:38
One of my favorite website/RSS reads is Gizmodo, a gadget blog put out
by the good folks at gawker.com. It keeps me entertained while informing
me of the cool, ridiculous, necessary, and/or frivolous gadgets hitting
the market.

they just had a little blurb about the newly-released Sonos whole-house

Interesting that they mention that while Sonos is tres expensive, it's
cheaper than its competition in whole-house audio. But...can't this be
done even cheaper by purchasing squeezeboxen, hooking them up to
whatever audio output you desire, and synching them? Obviously, you can
spend a bunch of cash on the audio output device(s) (for example,
but you don't *have* to. I'm sure Sonos has a wonderfully cool interface
and is mighty nice to use, but then it also costs a fair bit more than a
slimdevices solution...

but then, i'm kind of preaching to the choir here aren't I...