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2005-02-04, 11:11

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> * momerath <michael.warnock (AT) gmail (DOT) com> [050203 16:16]:
> > I find it insulting that you chalk up Linux's existance to Linus'
> > desire to save money. It was at least as much a desire to
> learn and a
> > love of hacking.
> Wow, insulting? I'm sure there are some big Linux geeks on
> this list (count me as one of them)... and I hate to break it
> to you, but I've heard from Linus' own lips that he did it
> because he wanted something like the Sun machines at school
> but couldn't afford 'em. That's why he started on "Freax",
> which was to become Linux. Sure, there were probably other
> factors, but that was a big reason.
> Of course, now we're way off-topic for this list, and I'm
> sorry for that...