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Carl Maskelyne
2005-02-04, 01:25
If you are after sound quality through a decent system have you thought
about an FM transmitter directly from you MP3 player?

We used a Creative Zen on holiday with the FM transmitter broadcasting on a
variety of channels around 106.7 FM seemed to work well?


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I find it insulting that you chalk up Linux's existance to Linus'
desire to save money. It was at least as much a desire to learn and a
love of hacking. And who am I trying to convince to program
something? I am a computer programmer by profession (and perl is my
3rd fav language), so if there were something needing to be programmed
for my application, I'd do it myself. All I was asking (and I'll find
out for myself since no one seems to know) is whether slimserver runs
on perlCE. If there is a major reason that it wont, I wouldnt bother
with it myself and certainly wouldnt expect anyone else to.

I have heard my own .flacs playing on my friends Karma with my ER-4s
and found it hollow, rolled off (high and low) and uninvolving. I
already have a 2.2G microdrive, so space is less of an issue than you
make out, and it would be my short-jaunt-to-the-store setup; I use a
notebook w/ an 80G drive to supply my flac for longer trips (and thats
still only about 1/4 of my music).

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> > I addressed this. I have mp3 players. I am willing to
> > sacrifice size/bulk, price and battery life for SQ- even just
> > a little. I cant even stand listening to mp3s of something
> > I've heard in .flac, much less on a DAP with a crummy DAC and
> > headphone out.
> >
> > And totally aside from sound quality, where is your "because I can"
> > opensource spirit. If Linus had listened to people who asked
> > why he didnt just use an existing unix.... ;)
> >
> Linus did what he did because he didn't want to spend for an expensive
> of Unix. You are pursuing something that will maybe appeal to 2-3 people
> the planet. If you want to spend the time developing it, kudos to you,
> I wouldn't try to convince some programmer to waste his time on it.
> For the record if you want to listen to FLAC and get really good sound
> quality then invest in a Rio Karma. They cost about $200 and support FLAC
> and gapless playback. Hook up some good headphones and you should have
> yourself a really excellent setup. Even with a flash drive on the iPaq you
> will be lucky to store more than 20 albums or so in FLAC, the Karma has a
> 20GB hard disk and can store quite a bit more than that.