View Full Version : powering SB w/ a battery pack?

Ralph Edington
2005-02-03, 19:53
Couldn't you just turn the brightness to zero to save battery life? Or does the display still draw power (more power than the old display?!) even set at zero?


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> Quoting momerath <michael.warnock (AT) gmail (DOT) com>:
> > Do you think an email to sales or tech support would reach anyone not
> > reading this list? I'd love to know more specifics about the power
> > requirements, and I'm wondering if it might still be possible to buy
> > one with the older display. Are there any downsides to that setup
> > apart from the limited resolution? It would be nice to have a pretty
> > display in my bedroom, but I couldn't care less on the bus or at the
> > office, as my ipaq and workstation will be readily available with the
> > web interface (which I anticipate will be the starting point for my
> > hacking).
> Most of the staff at slim devices read and participate in this
> list. They have
> been a bit silent of late, but there is a whole load of effort
> going into the
> development of 6.0 so I'm not too surprised. An email to
> support (AT) slimdevices (DOT) com certainly wont hurt. I would be
> surprised if they have
> any of the old displays in their stock (they would have sold them off at a
> discount a while back), but some of the distributors might not have rid
> themselves completely, and Slim guys might be able to point you
> in the right
> direction on that.
> In general, however, a new one wont cost all that much less since
> the cost of
> the new display really isn't that different. Downside is mostly
> readbility as
> the old display only has a standard character set, and a faked double size
> built from the limited custom characters available. The
> featureset is the same
> for the core server stuff.
> -kdf