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Ralph Edington
2005-02-03, 19:51
Ah. Thank you, that explains it.

Since my universal remote's JVC DVD emulation does not have any volume
controls that work whatsoever, I believe I will have to stick with my IR
hack to trick the SBox into thinking "brightness" means "volume". (At least
until I get a real learning remote and can capture the native volume keys
from SBox's remote.)

Unless someone has some info on where those volume control emulations came
from? Surely not "natively" from a DVD player -- DVD players don't have a
volume function. They must have originally come from TV or Receiver volume
controls. But which, and what brand? If I knew that, I could probably hash
this out and get it working right.

But it's a very minor issue...

Thanks again.

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Holding down the brightness button is what triggers a firmware update. It
must be hardcoded into the squeezebox to respond to prolonged depression of
that particular code. The IR map has nothing to do with it--it's in the
firmware of the box. You'd do well to find another IR code to map to volume
(and don't use that code for any other keys that will require prolonged
keypresses during regular use).
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Problem: When I have the squeezebox volume set low, and I use the
remote control to increase it, and I hold down the Volume Up button for more
than a couple of seconds, the SB starts updating its firmware. Is this by

I will confess I'm using a universal remote, and I have enabled a
modified JVD_DVD IR map file (ONLY -- all other IR maps have been
deselected). However, the Volume Up key I have programmed appears to do
just that -- it clearly raises the volume. But like I say, about 3 seconds
into increasing the volume, it begins a firmware update and resets the SB.

Thus I can only increase the volume in short bursts, unless I want
another firmware update.

Any ideas on how to get this behavior to stop?

The relevant line from my IR map reads:

volup = 0000f70d # this is CH+ on this remote

All other "volup" lines have been commented out. (There were three of
them... ???)

And yes, SB's volume is indeed mapped to my CH+/- buttons, as my
receiver's volume is already mapped to the VOL+/- keys. (This is a modified
IR map, because formerly my CH+/- buttons worked the display brightness
levels, which I need less than volume controls.) This all works great,
except for the firmware update "feature".