View Full Version : Volume Up and firmware update?

Ralph Edington
2005-02-03, 18:46
Problem: When I have the squeezebox volume set low, and I use the remote
control to increase it, and I hold down the Volume Up button for more than a
couple of seconds, the SB starts updating its firmware. Is this by design?

I will confess I'm using a universal remote, and I have enabled a modified
JVD_DVD IR map file (ONLY -- all other IR maps have been deselected).
However, the Volume Up key I have programmed appears to do just that -- it
clearly raises the volume. But like I say, about 3 seconds into increasing
the volume, it begins a firmware update and resets the SB.

Thus I can only increase the volume in short bursts, unless I want another
firmware update.

Any ideas on how to get this behavior to stop?

The relevant line from my IR map reads:

volup = 0000f70d # this is CH+ on this remote

All other "volup" lines have been commented out. (There were three of
them... ???)

And yes, SB's volume is indeed mapped to my CH+/- buttons, as my receiver's
volume is already mapped to the VOL+/- keys. (This is a modified IR map,
because formerly my CH+/- buttons worked the display brightness levels,
which I need less than volume controls.) This all works great, except for
the firmware update "feature".