View Full Version : powering SB w/ a battery pack?

Dave Owen
2005-02-03, 16:20
>I wish people would stop questioning whether I'd be happier with a
lesser solution and help me answer what I
>asked! Can I power the SB with an external battery pack like the one I
linked to for more than an hour?

I understand your frustration, but I get the impression that none of the
folks reading this list have battery-powered their squeezeboxen, so
nobody has a "yes, here's how" answer for you. Since this is a helpful
list, they're just trying to help in the only way they can, by providing

That said, here's what I would do to answer your own question:

#1: The web site lists 1000mA at 5VDC as the minimum required* power
supply output, which is 5000mW of power (validate this with the
SlimServer folks, perhaps?);

#2: Calculate the total amount of current you'll need to get from the
battery pack to meet the 1000mA requirement.; electrically-oriented
folks correct me if I'm wrong, but an ampere represents a specific
amount of electricity per second, so this should be a trivial task:
1000mA/sec = 1A/sec = 60A/minute = 3600A/hour;

#3: Now you can go battery pack shopping. The question isn't "can I do
this", but "can I do this at a reasonable price, weight and likely
number of charging cycles".

I wish I had a "yes, here's how" for you, but you may be the pioneer in
this area. ;) Good luck, and be sure to share the knowledge love if you
find an answer.

*Keep in mind the minimum rated power is NOT the current draw for the
unit in use, necessarily, but the maximum expected current draw for the
unit at any given period of time. If you calculate and purchase a
battery to last an hour, you might get an hour's use, and you might get
longer. How much longer depends on the average draw of the unit with
your normal startup and use habits.