View Full Version : AlienBBC - Trying a WinXP install -> successful at last

Simon Turner
2005-02-03, 15:54
It'd be great if someone who's had success installing it on windows re-wrote
the instructions on Mr Tickle's web site, as I think it's a bit unlikely
anyone would be able to install if they followed the present instructions.
I've now given up twice.. but am just about to have third go as i think the
following lines might be the final missing link for me:

"Dragging the mplayer.exe, codecs and the Windows
Essential codecs out of their subdirectories into the multi-thread directory
made it work."

So far I've only dragged mplayer.exe into the multithread directory.
At thebe moment for me the plugin looks like it is playing but there is no

Simon Turner
Brighton UK

> Thanks to Adrian for helping me wade through myriad issues getting the
> AlienBBC plugin to work on my WinXP system (it took 17 emails from him!).
> Along with the regular steps outlined for installing AlienBBC (
> http://www.mrtickle.org/alienbbc_beta.html ),