View Full Version : AlienBBC - Trying a WinXP install -> successful at last

Bruce Tucker
2005-02-03, 15:38
Thanks to Adrian for helping me wade through myriad issues getting the
AlienBBC plugin to work on my WinXP system (it took 17 emails from him!).
Along with the regular steps outlined for installing AlienBBC (
http://www.mrtickle.org/alienbbc_beta.html ), I did the following:

1. Completely removed my current Slimserver installation and starting over
with a fresh install (5.4.1 2-2-05 nightly). I know it is a pain to do, but
this seems to have helped get back WMA playback.

2. Updated my Active Perl to 5.8.6. Was it the new version or the
subsequent copying over of the required files that did the trick? Who knows!

3. Put mplayer.exe AND the codecs from Windows Essentials into c:\program
files\Slimserver\server\bin\Win32-x86-multi-thread. Unzipping the mplayer
and Windows Essentials yields an mplayer directory with subdirectories for
codecs and other things. Dragging the mplayer.exe, codecs and the Windows
Essential codecs out of their subdirectories into the multi-thread directory
made it work. I'm leaving all the other stuff alone, not knowing if they
are needed or not.

Now I can start rebuilding the other plugins I lost when I uninstalled
Wish me luck with the PublicRadioFan plugin!

Thanks again to Triode!