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2005-02-03, 08:52
So you are looking to take an iPaq and a squeezebox on the road to listen to
tunes? Why not just put the tunes on the iPaq and hook it up to some
headphoens or portable speakers?

While your request is novel (in the rubbernecking look at a car wreck sort
of way) I don't really get what is accomplished with someone going through
the effort of producing this solution.

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> Greetings,
> As I appear (from my hours of googling) to be the only person
> vocally interested in using the squeezebox portably, I'm
> going to go ahead and guess that I'm the first to ask this:
> Can slimserver run on pocketpc?
> It would be neat to use my ipaq 2215 w/ microdrive, the sb
> and phones when a dac, amp and notebook are just too much to
> carry, but I dont want to downgrade all the way to the ipaq
> itself ;)