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Patrick Dixon
2005-02-03, 08:05
I've re-installed from scratch and it's all OK now!

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I'm just a poor misguided Windows user, struggling to understand how to make
all these wonderful plugins you've all written work - so please go easy on

Having finally figured out how to get the "nightly's", and managed to get
v6.0 to work for Windows, I actually got AlienBBC (V0.93) to work!!!

But then I saw that the V5.4.1 nightly's were actually supposed to be more
stable, so I downloaded the 2 Feb one, copied it over V6.0, and now AlienBBC
doesn't work any more :(

Mplayer is installed and working, and I can select the streams OK. But no

Is this me, or something to do with changes at the BBC radio website?