View Full Version : powering SB w/ a battery pack?

2005-02-03, 07:24
Hi Michael

I haven't tried to battery-power a Squeezebox but
I tried it with a SLIMP3, an ASUS WL-330 bridge
and some powered speakers.

Unfortunately the power consumption is rather high,
especially the wireless part.

I used 5 NiCd cells with a capacity of 2200mAh and
olny got about 45 minutes out of it.


--- Michael Warnock <michael.warnock (AT) gmail (DOT) com> wrote:

> Greetings,
> I'd like to run an SB using a battery pack such as
> this:
> If this has been covered, I'm shocked, because I've
> done extensive
> searches and read the discuss and developer lists
> back 6 months just
> finding out everything I wanted to know about the
> SB. I'm very
> impressed and excited to get my hands on one, but
> I'll be using it in
> what is, perhaps, an unusual configuration. I want
> my SB to live in
> my backpack along with my battery-powered DAC
> (www.ack-industries.com)
> and headamp and be driven wirelessly by my notebook.
> This will allow
> me to whip my notebook out for use without worrying
> about cables
> torquing my ports or not being long enough. This is
> my bus/bed/office
> rig and doesn't really need to be away from a/c
> longer than 1.5 hours,
> though 3 would be nice (thats the longest my
> notebook will run and the
> dAck should only be run 4hrs anyway).
> Thanks in advance,
> Michael