View Full Version : Success: Wired Squeezebox with wireless Dlink bridge

Jamie Sandford
2005-02-03, 06:49
This is more for the archives than anything else for others who may
search on this equipment/configuration...

I got my wired Squeezebox last week and set it up using a Dlink DWL-
G820 "gaming adapter" (i.e. wireless bridge) connected to a wireless
access point, the Dlink DWL-2100AP. The access point is in the
basement and the SB is on the main level of our house, one floor up.
The AP is connected to a Dlink DI-804HV router, which is connected to a
DSL modem.

Setup was pretty easy. I would suggest, just for convenience's sake
that you get the wireless bridge and AP talking using a computer
connected to the bridge vs. trying all of this with the Squeezebox. I
had to open up the requisite ports on the router so that SlimServer,
SlimDiscovery and SlimServer Web would work correctly.

The Squeezebox is set up with my router to grab an IP from the router's
DHCP server. As an additional "debugging aid", I told the router the
MAC address of the SB and told it to always assign the same IP to that
MAC address. Predictability is good when you're trying to debug a
setup like this.

Signal strength from the bridge's view is about 29%. The AP shows
about 50% strength when looking for the bridge. I've noticed 2
microsecond "hiccups" when playing Shoutcast stations over the past
week, but that's it. This thing is consistent -- period.

Also noteworthy is the fact that I don't have the "Super Turbo" mode on
the two wireless devices enabled. This is one of those proprietary
Dlink modes that supposedly gets you 108Mbps. So, I'm at a
consistent "g" with no problems. There are no "b" devices on this

If you have questions about my configuration or need help with
debugging your setup with these Dlink products, don't hesitate to email


P.S. -- Looking forward to developing some new skins and possibly
working on some Perl to get National Weather Service data going. :-)