View Full Version : iTunes Update plugin (now with OS X support)

Craig, James (IT)
2005-02-03, 03:58
Hi all,
Well as previously stated I do now have a version of the iTunes Update
plugin with Mac support!
Download it from www.jamescraig.co.uk/SlimServer

I'd appreciate any comments from Mac users who have a chance to try it

Firstly - for anyone not already aware the plugin:
1) Updates iTunes 'play count' and 'last played' fields as you play on
SlimServer clients.
2) Allows changing iTunes ratings from Squeezebox/Softsqueeze
3) Allows saving SlimServer playlists to iTunes from

Secondly - for Windows users not much has changed in this version (1.0)

So, if you're still reading you probably want to use it on a Mac...

You will need the Mac::AppleScript::Glue perl module (and I think this
requires Mac::AppleScript).
I'd suggest installing these in the Plugins/iTunesUpdateSupport
directory but please let me have any installation notes so I can add
them to the plugin instructions.

Now, the Mac side of the code checks iTunes for tracks matching on
Title, Artist & Album but the Windows code also checks the file path.
I suspect this will cause incorrect updates if for example you have an
album with two identically named tracks.
I'd appreciate it if anyone could test the commented-out code in the
plugin that also adds the location check.
If this is not possible I could check the track number instead?

My thanks to Daniel Boss who kindly sent me his changes.

Good luck!


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