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Matt Nadler
2005-02-02, 04:17
The RIAA has another systemic headache to deal with.
I've noted a growing on-line market for inexpensive
used CDs sold by individuals. Often you can pick up a
CD in good to excellent condition for $1 - $6, plus
$3.00 shipping. Check out Amazon.com for that. I
think that there are people who rip the tunes and sell
the CD's instead of collecting them. I will grant you
that digital distribution is easier, but when you want
quality, this is better. The Labels of course get
nothing for used CD's.

One other point about industry greed backfiring on
them. In Canada, the Labels fought to have a tax put
on blank tapes and then eventually CD media to cover
their supposed losses due to piracy. The Canadian
government and courts agreed, but only under the
condition that people get the right to make copies
from original CD's. After all, if you're paying for
the licenses in the media, then shouldn't you have the
right to use it? Well this was before the advent of
MP3 and hard drive based music players. Now the
record companies are crying foul and want to change
their our rules again. It's a nice irony. So if you
really want to legally increase your collection with
borrowed CD's -- go to Canada.


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For me, the question is "why does a CD with 13 songs
cost $13.00 in a store and $13.00 on the internet"?
Isn't the internet distribution more cost efficient?
There isn't a cost for the CD, there isn't a cost for
shipping and warehousing, and there isn't a
traditional brick and mortar store-front that has to
be supported with profit margin. And yet the price is
the same. The same amount goes to the artist (maybe
less in some cases). And to top it all off, you can
usually do LESS with what you bought on-line.

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