View Full Version : Playing unprotected .m4a files on Linux

Dave Owen
2005-02-01, 18:28
>I had some success in getting .m4a files to play on Linux, although I
>*think* mine are unprotected (I'm not clear whether you're trying to
>play protected or unprotected files).

>There's a write-up of what I did here [1] but the summary is that some
>versions of faad don't work. I'm currently using faad from the
>repository (I run Fedora Core 3) and they playback fine.

>[1] http://robinbowes.com/article.php/2004080319394853

Terrific, thank you, and you as well kdf. I just installed the first
pre-built faad RPM I could find; hopefully your instructions and advice
will get me where I need to be.

Incidentally, the files I'm trying to play start out protected, but I
unprotect them first -- and to validate that lack of protection, I am
able to convert them to .wavs at the command line using faad.

I'll report success or failure tonight after I've done it.