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Ralph Edington
2005-02-01, 12:59
No argument there. While I still believe the RIAA marketing/distribution
machine is of some value, I agree they're not very good at passing along the
savings realized by lower new-model distribution costs.

I would be interested if someone had the stats on a comparison of legitimate
avenues for music purchases, along with a percentage breakdown as to how
much finally made it to the artist vs. avenue of purchase. Of course I
supposed it depends on how badly the artist got screwed in their original
recording contract. But still, it might be interesting... If the artist
does in fact make LESS when their music is purchased via iTunes, rather than
a CD purchase, I would think the consumer would be interested in that fact
(I know I would...)


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> Ralph,
> Part of me agrees with you 100%. Buying a CD supports the artists and
> without support, artists can't afford to continue to produce music for a
> living. And as a music fan I believe in artists getting compensated.
> Although all of my music is on my computer, ALL of it is copied
> from CD's I
> own.
> However, CD's and the existing model of distribution are extremely
> inefficient and return an extremely small percentage to the actual artist
> relative to the total amount collected. The rest is absorbed by the
> marketing and distribution machine of the RIAA and the major lables. And
> that machine is a huge part of the value that the major labels brought to
> their artists. Without it, you couldn't get your music into a store, and
> therefore you couldn't get it to the consumer.
> I say "brought" because you could make the case that this isn't
> really true
> anymore. But if the cost of entry into the market isn't high for the
> artist, then the RIAA/Major lables reason for being comes into
> question--Something I have not seen discussed often. And this is
> something
> that is as much behind DRM and the industries approach to electronic
> distribution as is the stated fear of rampant copying. If they can't make
> their money on distribution, they have to come up with a
> substitute to make
> up the difference. And I think the real goal is not copy prevention but
> collecting a toll everytime a piece of music is played or moved to a
> different format by a user. All the noise about piracy and unauthorized
> file trading is simply giving them the cover they need to implement DRM
> schemes to accomplish this.
> For me, the question is "why does a CD with 13 songs cost $13.00
> in a store
> and $13.00 on the internet"? Isn't the internet distribution more cost
> efficient? There isn't a cost for the CD, there isn't a cost for shipping
> and warehousing, and there isn't a traditional brick and mortar
> store-front
> that has to be supported with profit margin. And yet the price
> is the same.
> The same amount goes to the artist (maybe less in some cases). And to top
> it all off, you can usually do LESS with what you bought on-line.
> Mike
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> >
> > > I'm the guy that started the "where to buy music" thread, and
> the upshot
> > > seems to be that you should buy CDs and rip them yourself. In doing
> > > this, you get the benefits of a back-up copy plus it's legal.
> > >
> >
> > My $0.02:
> >
> > There's one other "benefit" to buying "real" CDs and ripping them
> yourself:
> > You're actually supporting artists that you like. Yes, this is
> a benefit,
> > to me and not just to the artists. We should be voting with our dollars,
> and
> > the recording industry does have a point. If nobody buys the CDs, then
> > nobody makes money, and the artists I like won't be able to continue
> > producing music. Then, boo-hoo, I don't have good new music. I just
> plain
> > "feel good" about actually buying CDs, the way I feel good
> about shopping
> at
> > local markets rather than selling my soul to walmart, the way I
> feel good
> > about recycling. It's just the "right thing to do". I have also vowed
> > never to buy music off of eBay again, since I found most of the CDs for
> sale
> > are "promo" copies and not legally saleable -- same problem.
> >
> > Vote with your dollars, and support the artists that you like!
> >
> >
> >