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Philip Bouscarle
2005-02-01, 01:20
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Quoting Philip Bouscarle <pbouscarle (AT) interbar (DOT) co.uk>:

> At the risk of people thinking I am serious, I did have a look at the
> archives and found that this was a reported bug, but that it has been
> sorted by one of the latest updates. Does anyone know (kdf - fount of
> all knowledge?) which one it was? I don't want to put that bleeding
> edge stuff on my SB as it works really well at the moment (except for
> this
> problem.)

not this time. I'm stuck on the specifics. I think it had something to
do with powering off while playing. As for which update, there really
is only one worth doing for bug fixes, and that's the latest 5.4.1:


I think I have that update already but I'll check tonight when I get
home. It certainly didn't look like it was powering off as the lights
stay on and the display continues to show the song that is playing - you
just can't hear it because volume is set to zero.

FWIW, one track that always plays perfectly is Nicholas Cage's 4'43"

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