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Richard Scales
2005-01-31, 22:24
This works for me:

Drives F: and G: both have a folder called 'music' (which contains my music
- spread over the two drives).

I have a folder on C: called 'music' which simply contains shortcuts to the
two other music folders (on F: and G:) and Slimserver looks at the C:\music
folder to find everything.

Browse music finds everything from both drives (F: and G:) and if I brose
music folders - the top level lists 'music on F:' and 'music on G:' at the
top level allowing me to navigate downwards from there.

This works perfectly on my slimserver 5.4.0 though I would say that I have
had odd issues on earlier versions of slimserver where one or other of the
drives appeared not to be scanned when slimserver started up.

The two drives are also shared so that users on my network (that's the 4
children) can browse them and play it directly on their PC. One day I'll get
around to their softsqueeze induction!

Richard Scales
richard (AT) scalesweb (DOT) co.uk

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I recently bought a second hard disk for my music collection and I would
like to tell SlimServer to look for music files in both drives. The actual
music folder is M:\Music Folder and I would like to merge it with N:\Music
Folder. I've created a shortcut of N:\Music Folder in M:\Music Folder. It
is actually possible to access both drives when navigating with the remote
control but the SlimServer doesn't seems to actually list the second hard
drive files in his musical database. Any Idea? Thanks!

Montreal, Canada