View Full Version : SB Mutes itself

Allan Hise
2005-01-31, 07:24
On Mon, 31 Jan 2005, Philip Bouscarle wrote:

> A couple of times over the weekend, I went to the SB, chose a track and
> hit play and nothing happened. When I investigated further I found that
> the volume had muted itself though I didn't touch the volume control
> (honest, sir, I never touched it!) Is this a bug or what?
> Win XP SP2
> Slimserver 5.4
> Latest firmware

If the squeezebox doesn't like your choice of music, it will do this. Keep
it up, and after a while, it will get really mad (I won't tell you what it
does, that would ruin the surprise). Pick better music, next time. I
hear that in version 6 of the slim server, the AI will be much better and
just skip to a song it likes instead of muting your selection.

OK, sorry. It has been a long day and I am feeling a bit silly. I have no
clue what the problem could be, which is typical for me. I'm sure someone
on this list will know though. So, I guess I should add a big :) to this
email and shut up now...