View Full Version : WPA? (slightly off-topic)

Dave Owen
2005-01-29, 23:08
>>wired also has the advantage of costing less and working better.

>No argument there.

>>The hassle of stringing a piece of ethernet is minor compared to the
>>hassle of figuring out what's not working in a wireless network.

>I tend to think that is usually but not always the case. YMMV, of
course. :-)

I spent too much time this week belly-crawling through my loose-fill
fiberglass-insulated attic, running CAT5E to various rooms, and working
cable around firebreaks in the walls. In my case, the purchase of my new
wired squeezebox was the catalyst for finally getting around to this
project, because my wireless network is outside of my firewall (I VPN
into my network when going wireless, because I work with sensitive
stuff) and didn't want to deal with trying to babysit two wireless
networks. Plus, $80 in my pocket is better than $0.

Even with all of the hassle, though, it was completely worth it --
performance is flawless and I don't experience any of the dropouts and
issues that wireless users have. As a bonus, I can now have my access
point in the same room I work in, instead of the other side of the house
-- performance on my laptop is better than ever, too.

The final benefit: I eliminated a huge pile of wire in my wife's office
(where the server and switches were), so I made her happy, too. :)