View Full Version : XSync plugin/softsqueeze problem

2005-01-29, 17:18
Hi Simon

Are you saying the server crashes only if you
choose 'sync all' from SoftSqueeze but not if
you do the same from one of the Squeezeboxen?


--- Simon Still <b33k34 (AT) gmail (DOT) com> wrote:

> I've 2 Squeezeboxes and also run softsqueeze on the
> server. I
> installed the XSync plugin to simplify the whole
> house/single player
> switch and it seems to work ok UNLESS i try to
> trigger 'sync all' from
> softsqueeze which of course is where i have the most
> control of the
> music.
> Firing up sync all from softsqueeze seems to crash
> the server and
> softsqueeze. Can anyone verify this as a bug?
> Softsqueeze 1.12
> Java 1.5
> Slimserver 5.4.0
> Windows XP