View Full Version : Philips TV remote control commands

John Gorst
2005-01-29, 09:20
I am trying to use a universl remote (a cheap non-pc programmable one!)
to control my squeezebox.

It has a function where no matter what device you select it controls the
tv volume - obviously this has no affect on squeeze box which connects
directly to my amp (which is so old it doesnt have remote input!).

I thought I could make up a new ir config file so that the volume key of
the tv would change the volume of the squeezebox.

However the TV is a philips and the origonal or my universal remote
control keys are not recognised by slimserver. All my other remotes
(video, digital tv adapter etc) are recognised by slimserver, either the
origonal remotes or the universal remote.

I am looking in the d_ir part of the web interface to see which buttons
are recognised by slimserver (also looking at the xPl output).

Has anyone got any tips to 'make' philips ir codes be recognised by