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Raul da Silva
2005-01-28, 13:22

Check to see if you have and hidden files in your music directory. If you
ripped any of your CDs with Windows Media Player, it automatically checks
its CD database (for titles and art) and places art in your music folder.
The files have a hidden attribute. You might see .jpgs similar to the



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As far as I understand, to use artwork, Slimserver is scanning the
directories for appropriate JPGs and is displaying them if available.

I just setup Slimserver on a 2003 server with ~ 700 CDs. I have NO artwork
as JPG in directories but have them included in the first track of each MP3
ID3 tag.

Using the default skin, I navigated to the BROWSE ARTWORK section and to my
surpise I can see 8 album covers. I did not expect to see any so I am
confused. Can Slimserver use the ID3 embedded artwork? If so, why do I see
only 8 out of approx. 700 covers?