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Craig, James (IT)
2005-01-28, 03:31
I find that running server/slim.exe is much much faster to start up than
I guess this is because it doesn't start up the web interface?
Also I couldn't get SlimServer.exe to start up minimized.

I seem to recall running the perl script used up quite a bit more


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Quoting Matthias Schnizer <matthias (AT) schnizer (DOT) com>:

> I am ready to move Slimserver from my test environment to a productive
> server. So far I used the windows compiled version of Slimserver. I am
> wondering whether I can install PERL and the Perl modules of
Slimserver on
> A Windows 2003 platform. If so any advantages/disadvantages?
> Appreciate all opinions.

I tend to prefer using perl with the scripts on any platform. Mainly it
because I'm always tweaking things and this makes it the same for all
platforms. I also tend to think the server reacts a bit faster when its
perl script.