View Full Version : AlienBBC on Windows

Mark Gillespie
2005-01-27, 16:18

I just wanted to say that I have installed AlienBBC on my Win2K Server and
its working excellently.
Apart from the bug that you have to listen live through the Listen again
menu.. I'm not that bothered about that though.
It certainly is a bit of an arse to install though. Are all of the files
that are on/pointed to on http://www.mrtickle.org/alienbbc_beta.html ok to
stick into a windows install routine?
If they are I might look at creating a proper install for it using
InstallShield.....That way everything should install in the right place
first time and that would hopefully solve all of these problems.
I don't want to go and create an install if the files arent available for
free distribution.

Let me know what you think.