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Carl Maskelyne
2005-01-27, 09:34
Sounds like good advice - the switch in effect gives double the speed of a
hub because of way it handles data traffic.

For the difference in cost it may be worth considering a Gigabit switch.
Although this does not make much difference for internet browsing, network
games, etc it does make a huge difference when you are using software to
access MP3 files or moving lots of files around.

For example a reload of my 37000 odd mp3 tracks into musicmatch use to take
all night. Now it takes a couple of hours at most.


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It really doesn't make a lot of difference, but for simplicity sake I'd
get the 16 port 10/100 switch and plug it into the LinkSys. Then plug all
your equipment into that switch and forget that the LinkSys has a switch.

The 10/100 switch will have greater bandwidth than the hubs, but for the
typical home network it's not likely to make a difference, except maybe
where you had a 10 Mbit hub as bottleneck between two pieces of equipment
doing large file transfers.

Make sure you understand whether you need to use a crossover ethernet
cable for the LinkSys-to-Switch connection. Many switches have an uplink
port that is already crossed over and some can also detect whether the
connection is to another switch and cross it over internally.

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> trying to redo my netowork. currently i've got a router and lots of
> daisychained hubs, one of which fried in a freak vaccuuming incident (i
> don't want to talk about it). i'm wondering if i should get a 16 port
> switch
> (in lieu of the hubs) to plug into one of the ports of my linksys 4 port
> router. is this the way to go? should i use the other 3 ports in this
> router
> also or just use the switch? i've got 10 pieces of gear including 2
> squeezeboxen that need to go into wired ports. also, i tend to take in
> computers like some people take in cats, so i'm sure i'll need the
> expansion
> room. any suggestions? my router is one of those linksys wireless g
> ap/router things and i've also got a dedicated 802.1b ap for my wireless
> squeezebox.
> ever since 'the incident' my network just hasn't been it's plucky self.
> --t