View Full Version : "Fix" for playlist problem

Robin Bowes
2005-01-26, 17:45

I thought I'd share this with you since it's made my life a lot easier.

When I rip CDs (with EAC + FLAC) a playlist file (.m3u) is created in
the directory containing the .flac files. These playlists may or may not
contain valid filenames (e.g. if I re-name any of my files the playlists
are invalid).

If I browse the music folder the playlist files are processed and shown
as additional virtual directories. If I then choose to add a whole album
to the current playlist slimserver processes the playlist file and tried
to add all the tracks referenced therein to the current playlist. If the
tracks don't exist, slimserver leaves the last referenced file in the
playlist file in the current playlist.

This is probably a bug and should be fixed, but to get round it I simply
edited the "types.conf" file and commented out the line beginning with
"m3u" (and "cue" for good measure).

Hope someone else finds this useful.