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2005-01-26, 09:12
So turn off the JVC option in the web site. I think the SB
will then only accept it's own codes.


>>> yantran (AT) gmail (DOT) com 1/26/2005 11:05:23 AM >>>
I actually find it a pain that my SB accepts signals from my JVC
remote because I'll go to turn on the dvd player and the SB turns on
too. As far as I can tell, power and play will affect the SB, but the
directionals do not.

On Wed, 12 Jan 2005 14:30:51 -0800, Ralph Edington <ralph (AT) edington (DOT) com>
> I'm buying a new universal remote control, just so I can control my
> squeezebox from the same remote as everything else (my old
> remote didn't support JVC DVD players.)
> Question: Can someone give me a comprehensive list of what
functionality is
> supported when using a JVC DVD controller? That way I can examine
> functionality to make sure it's working.
> For example, I'm assuming the up-down-left-right keys are mapped
> correctly -- at least I hope so. But what about other functionality?
> Play mapped to PLAY? Etc.
> It would be nice to know.
> Thanks,
> RE