View Full Version : AlienBBC fixes for BBC Radio Player updates

Raul da Silva
2005-01-25, 18:11
RE: new v0.93 fix

I don't get a convert error like John; all available links I tried play
fine. But I do not have any streams in the "Live Streams" section as well.

Running Win32 version.


>Having some problems with this version, previously using ?0.91or 0.92
>(which ever was the first release) with no problems until the bbc
>changed their site. Now:
>1) When pressing play I get the message 'RTSP convert error - check file
>2) there are no streams under 'live streams'
>Running under Mandrake linux. However hae also just upgraded to latest
>nightly which may have broken something? (5.4.1)