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Larry Cable
2005-01-25, 14:19
--- discuss-request (AT) lists (DOT) slimdevices.com wrote:

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> Thanks. 1.44 does support telnet, and I have been
> able to get root access.
> It looks like I'd need a newer Perl, and I haven't
> been able to find a link to a binary or easy
> instructions for compiling it in that environment.
> I'm also faced with a dilemma: My squeezebox is
> wired, I'm partial to iTunes, and a bit of an audio
> snob. I could rip to wav files for slimserver on the
> linkstation, but my kids access the library using
> 802.11b wireless nics on their PCs, and bandwidth
> would become an issue if iTunes tried to grab the
> uncompressed files.
> Would FAAD2 work adequately on high-bitrate aac on
> this CPU? Is Apple Lossless an option? Or must I
> maintain 2 libraries in parallel?

the how files on the link station yahoo group contains the latest
version of perl etc required

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