View Full Version : Port Forwarding public port 81 to 9000

Richard Grant
2005-01-24, 20:19
> I've configured everything on the server, so I'll give it a shot
> tomorrow from work.
> One thing I didn't quite understand, is when connecting from the
> client (work) PC, do I really type http://localhost:9000. ie.
> puTTY is setting up a port locally that then redirects to another machine?


> >Just note that Tight and standard VNC require you to disable the
> Fast User
> >Switching service on the server machines that you want to connect to, and
> >you can actually use both Remote Desktop and VNC to have a
> redundant setup
> >should something go wrong.
> >
> That's a pity - I like (and use) Fast User Switching. Is there
> any reason why TightVNC doesn't work with Fast User Switching?

Terminal Server services does not play nice with video device. FUS
implemented in Terminal Server. Docs over at VNC explain the issue.