View Full Version : Use Squeexebox from MCE2005

Kim Paludan
2005-01-24, 15:20
Danny Rego wrote:
> I'm currently looking into a way that the Squeezebox (and/or slimserver)
> could interface with MCE2005 as a Media Extender, so you can access all
> song files/playlists from MCE.
> I think it would be a worthwhile effort, but with all the Anti-MS in
> these lists...I'm pretty sure I'd be going it alone, and free time is
> rare these days.

This would really be nice. As I wrote in another mail, I am not too keen on
the MS solution with all its limitation and DRM. However, they do pull off a
great user interface, that others than us geeks can actually use and
understand. For me the point is to have a single interface to all my
different devices, that be my HTPC, 2nd HTPC and one or two SB - and I might
add others.

I have tried Beyond TV, SageTV and others, but MCE2005 does have the best
user experience in my opinion - but there might be other solutions out

Im so glad I bought a SB - nothing like a live community!