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Kim Paludan
2005-01-24, 15:11
Hi Arnon,

I am not a programmer my self - at least not for 20 years :-) How can this
be done, to be more specific. Is it something I just have to wait and hope
for, that someone will actually do, or can I do something to actually figure
this out myself?

I like the interface of MCE, but I don't like the limitation in terms of not
being able to stream DVD to other computer etc. However, I would like to
provide an integrated interface for my family to use, that would allow them
to watch movies, plays DVDs AND play music over the stereo from within MCE.

I of course choose the SB for the control and interface at the stereo, and
to be able to stream the same music to 2 locations in sync with an extra SB.

Any help is highly appreciated, - I realize I might be on the frontier
here... :-)

Greetings from Denmark !

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Kim Fenger Paludan wrote:
> Hi all,
> Is it possible to control Squeezebox from the Media Center in MCE 2005? At
least to have the program show up in the "other programs" section.
Preferreble to play songs similar to the interface in "My Music".
> Maybe it is something the devel. team has considered? As I see it, the
problem with MCE is, that you can only control the sources that is connected
to the MCE 2005 computer. Then you can have another computer elsewhere to
hook up to that computer, but the beauty with Squeezebox is that you can
control your device remotely.
> However, as I use MCE 2005 Media Center for TV, DVD etc. it would be nice
to also be able to play music from here without leaving the Media Center
program and start another application to control the Squeezebox.
> Media Center also has a section with Online Sevices. Mayby that is the
best place to intergration the control of Squeezebox, similar to what is
already integrated here - eg. CinimaNow and MP3.com.
> Any thouhts on this subject is highly appreciated - any developers out
there that can see a way? And what about the users - do you agree?
> Med venlig hilsen
> Kim Paludan.
Slimserver has a web interface with a good "touchscreen" interface - for
example the handheld. Pointing the MCE to a web URL is doable and there
are plenty of add ins to do so.
A specific Slimserver addition to the menu is also possible. In fact, it
is a nice idea creating an installation package which would allow you to
install Slimserver ON a MCE box. It is more about creating the correct
files and signatures that MCE looks for than anything else..