View Full Version : Where are you finding music for your SB?

Mark Sayers
2005-01-24, 11:33
I have just picked up this thread so apologies if someone has already listed
the almighty, allofmp3.com

Someone here on this list showed me the light. In my opinion it is truly
awesome, especially for back catalogue stuff.

Give it a whirl, but find the "English" button first.

On 22/1/05 8:46 PM, "Jack Coates" <jack (AT) monkeynoodle (DOT) org> wrote:

>> Hi!
> ...
>> For my part, I like eMusic because they have some oldies I wanted
>> (Creedence, Kinks, Booker T & the MGs) and some newer stuff, like
>> Bonepony. They do charge a monthy fee, which I dislike, but they are
>> completely DRM free and their download manager is available for Linux.
>> So, where do you shop & why?
>> -- Damon