View Full Version : SLIMP3 and Squeezebox hang on sync

2005-01-23, 08:50
What firmware version is the Slimp3? I had a similar problem before
updating the slimp3 firmware. Even after that the players would drift out
of synch lock every so often. I don't think Slim Devices will ever be able
to make synch perfect between the slimp3 and squeezebox due to hardware
differences between the two models.

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> Subject: [slim] SLIMP3 and Squeezebox hang on sync
> Hi, when I select "synchronize" between my SLIMP3 and
> Squeezebox, my SLIMP3 will simply go quiet while my
> Squeezebox will play the sync'ed track after a short delay.
> Does anyone have any idea what's wrong? I am using
> SlimServer 5.4.0 on Win XP. Thanks.