View Full Version : Remote control drains batteries FAST

2005-01-22, 14:15
Is a button stuck? Look through a digital camera to see if there are
white lights. This happened to me, and I had to dislodge the stuck

>>> db (AT) bedwells (DOT) net 1/22/2005 2:48:56 PM >>>
I have had my squeezebox for about 3 weeks. Earlier this week, my
remote control stopped working. Figuring that it could just be the
batteries, I replaced the batteries with some fresh ones, and the remote
worked again. But the next day, it was dead again. I replaced the
batteries again last night, and the new batteries were dead by this
morning. Has anybody had this problem before?

I got to say, I am not impressed by the quality of the squeezebox.
They are cool, but this is the second problem I have had in the 3 weeks
I have had it.