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2005-01-22, 13:04
We haven't had to change the bateries in our original remote for our SliMP3
yet (Although we now have 3 remotes [one for each device] so we may have
mixed them up over time - but we haven't changed the batteries in any of
them yet)


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> Quoting D B <db (AT) bedwells (DOT) net>:
> > I have had my squeezebox for about 3 weeks. Earlier this
> week, my remote
> > control stopped working. Figuring that it could just be
> the batteries, I
> > replaced the batteries with some fresh ones, and the remote
> worked again.
> > But the next day, it was dead again. I replaced the
> batteries again last
> > night, and the new batteries were dead by this morning.
> Has anybody had this
> > problem before?
> >
> > I got to say, I am not impressed by the quality of the
> squeezebox. They are
> > cool, but this is the second problem I have had in the 3
> weeks I have had it.
> I've had the product(s) for easily 2 years and I think I've
> only had to change
> the batteries once. I'm not even sure I actually HAD to
> since the problem at
> the time was also an experimental firmware that I was testing
> that happened to
> have a problem with IR at the time.
> Other than the software quirks with using the very latest in
> software, the
> squeezebox has been very reliable. If you are having
> problems, I strongly
> suggest you contact support (AT) slimdevices (DOT) com. They may be
> able to help, or
> arrange for an RMA. If you bought through a distribtor, you
> may need to contac
> them first. If you purchased directly, then there is the
> 30-day satisfaction
> guarantee, so no better reason for contacting them asap.
> -kdf