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2005-01-22, 07:27
>>> damonriley (AT) alumni (DOT) umass.edu 1/22/2005 8:04:05 AM >>>
>This is not a technical question. The convenience of the Squeezebox
> revived my interest in music in a way that a 5-disc CD player never

>did. I want to go out and find new and old music to fill my server.

Welcome to the fold. I still feel this way, and don't see it slowing
me anytime too soon.

>My question is, where do you like to shop for downloadable music?
>had some luck with emusic.com but they don't always have the music I

I started to go down the downloadable route with napster, emusic,
etc, then realized I would be totally out of my mind if I ever lost the
I had purchased.

>Every place I've seen makes you "join" and then pay a monthly fee. I

>think this bites, because not every site has every song, and because
>most are quite vague up front about what restrictions they are using
>cripple your Fair Use.

allofmp3.com has everything. I've never been at a loss for finding a

>So, I don't want to start an argument about which site is best, I just

>want to know what you use and why you like it.

This list? Argue?

>For my part, I like eMusic because they have some oldies I wanted
>(Creedence, Kinks, Booker T & the MGs) and some newer stuff, like
>Bonepony. They do charge a monthy fee, which I dislike, but they are

>completely DRM free and their download manager is available for
>So, where do you shop & why?

I shop at yard sales and allofmp3.com. And I troll the music sites
to grab cheap music. I've also had some pretty good luck with

Physical media is still the best backup.


Jack Coates
2005-01-22, 13:57
> I got discouraged after hearing the quality on iTunes. I just buy CDs and
> also check them out from the very excellent library in my county. I
> figure
> my taxes and donations are a great investment into music (and books I
> suppose).

iTunes' quality is bad enough for me to hear the difference, which is
saying a lot. Emusic rips at 224 VBR, if I recall correctly, and I have
some older music from that at 192 CBR. That's my quality floor, I can't
tell the difference between a 192 kbps MP3 and a CD. See what going to
Dickies concerts gets ya?

> Also, I don't know about backing up. CDs don't exactly last a long time.
> Nor do DVDs. I suppose you just have to make duplicate copies to multiple
> hard drives... and keep copying all your stuff as you move around. I
> often
> feel like a dung beetle pushing all my files around where ever I go (like
> to
> a new computer for example).

I was keeping my CDs for this reason, until my daughter sanded the floor
with the W through Z shelf. Then I realized that they're actually safer on
all these hard disks :)

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