View Full Version : Cannot start SlimServer 5.4.0 via init.d on RedHat 7.3(FIXED)

Dave Owen
2005-01-21, 18:35
Thanks to everyone for their help. It now seems to be working fine. Very
odd problem, though, that I'll explain below in case someone in the
future encounters the same problem.


1. My server's /dev/null device had permissions of crwx--x--x instead of
crw-rw-rw- ... I have no idea why, but I changed it to crw-rw-rw- and it
got further along into the startup process. This was, essentially, THE
problem that needed to be fixed.

2. A secondary problem: since I had worked around the problem by running
slimserver as a root user, a root-owned slimserver.log file existed in
/tmp. Once I fixed the "real" problem above, slimserver crashed
attempting to write to slimserver.log as user slimserver. I deleted the
root-owned version of the log file, and now all is well.