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Craig, James (IT)
2005-01-20, 07:14
Thanks Richard.
I haven't actually done much testing with the latest version of
I'll put this change in the next release.


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> Thanks Richard.
> I've not seen this one myself.
> What would the date have been that failed?

Found track in iTunes
Marking as played in iTunes
Incremented playedCount: was 3
20050120062631 vs 20050119062631
update-orig: 06:26:31 20-Jan-2005
update-prop: 20-01-2005 06:26:31
Modified playedDate

> The reason I translated the month into a string was because I wasn't
> sure what would happen with US vs UK date formats...
> It's all a bit of a guess!

So, this is a variant data type that would be converted from a native
time. mmm.. ok, I tried the following and it worked. So that should
clear up
any problems with date format.

$status = $trackHandle->{playedDate} = "$year-$month-$day

I'm a little curious about why the problem exists to begin with. Perhaps
recent upgrade has changed COleDateTime or perhaps version
has something new in IITTrack. Oh well. No bother, it works for me now.

> What localisation does your machine have set?

My dates/currency are set for Greek/European with English Windows and
US/Greek Keyboards..