View Full Version : iTunes update plugin 0.6 and iTunes

Richard Grant
2005-01-20, 06:58
> Thanks Richard.
> I've not seen this one myself.
> What would the date have been that failed?

Found track in iTunes
Marking as played in iTunes
Incremented playedCount: was 3
20050120062631 vs 20050119062631
update-orig: 06:26:31 20-Jan-2005
update-prop: 20-01-2005 06:26:31
Modified playedDate

> The reason I translated the month into a string was because I wasn't
> sure what would happen with US vs UK date formats...
> It's all a bit of a guess!

So, this is a variant data type that would be converted from a native perl
time. mmm.. ok, I tried the following and it worked. So that should clear up
any problems with date format.

$status = $trackHandle->{playedDate} = "$year-$month-$day $hr:$min:$sec";

I'm a little curious about why the problem exists to begin with. Perhaps a
recent upgrade has changed COleDateTime or perhaps version iTunes
has something new in IITTrack. Oh well. No bother, it works for me now.

> What localisation does your machine have set?

My dates/currency are set for Greek/European with English Windows and
US/Greek Keyboards..