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Pat Farrell
2004-08-14, 09:50
At 08:45 AM 8/14/2004, "Richard Purdie" <rpurdie (AT) rpsys (DOT) net> wrote:
>From: "Richard Purdie" <rpurdie (AT) rpsys (DOT) net>
>2) Have a unique songID to refer to audio tracks by. (I use the word song
>loosely). Change the server to use this ID (see also remote sources below).

I'm not wedded to any particular word or set of words in the strawman.

But I think at this level (or maybe time) it is important that we
use the same term when we mean the same thing, and
different words when we mean different things.

I proposed "song" and some other folks are using "track" and
perhaps other words like "recording". I really don't care what the
word is, but we need to use one and only one, until we discuss and
decide to change it.

I chose song because:
1) it is correct for 99% of the pop/jazz/blues/rock world
2) it is the word used in the current UI
(i.e. Your music library contains 8918 songs by 419 artists )
3) is it intuitive to users and developers
4) it is short, and we'll be typing it zillions of times in the code.
Or course, it is not literally correct for classical movements, spoken
words, comedy, etc. Such is life in database land.

Since I believe that getting the objects right is the critical part,
I'd really like to see us use the same words for the objects.

http://www.pfarrell.com/music/slimserver/dbnotes.html strawman for DB
http://www.pfarrell.com/music/slimserver/hash.html notes on hash
and sometime later, strawman for API