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Mark Teigen
2005-01-19, 11:55
Hey this sounds like a good Idea!

Have you had any problems with http://www.allofmp3.com
<http://www.allofmp3.com/> service?

The price is right and they do FLAC.


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I have upgraded most of mine onto CD as well where they are the right price.
I do think it is a bit of liberty paying for the same music twice. You could
always look at www.allofmp3.com <http://www.allofmp3.com/> or
www.mp3search.ru <http://www.mp3search.ru/> if you do not want the media.


Carl Maskelyne


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At 01:58 PM 1/17/2005, Matthias Schnizer wrote:

I try to cleanup the wav with CoolEdit Pro 2.0 before using LAME. Results
seem to be a little dull on my end too.
Biggest drawback so far is the amount of time it takes me to
rip/clean/encode my LPs. It takes me ~4h/LP to have good results.

I started doing this on my old collection. I started in my recording
studio, where I have a bunch of 96kHz-24 bit convertors, used
an audiophile phono preamp, etc. I then ran the wav
files through CakeWalk Sonar, I have lots of plugins
including compression, EQ, reverb, etc. and generated FLAC files.

I even spent $100 on a fresh cartridge. Not $1000 or more
like the vinyl lovers, but enough.

I decided that noise reduction post processing takes out too much of the
top end. And that a huge number of my old LPs are on CD, often
for under $10. So for all of the albums that are still available in print,
I decided to buy yet another copy.

Only the ones that are out of print, unavailable, etc. are
worth the hours it takes.

Of course, when you listen carefully, you can tell the
bad engineering that goes on all the times with "perfect sound
forever" CDs.


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