View Full Version : Retro Fun! (Raspberry pi zero)

2020-07-10, 12:37
I built this little streamer with a raspberry pi zero, scrollphat, 5 button shim, phatDac (all from Pimoroni). Coded in python, my favourite button being the 'save to spotify playlist' - If I am listening to Radio Paradise if I hear an interesting track, by pressing a button it will search spotify for the artist/track and save the result to a spotify playlist for later.

I then got a strip of LEDs (WS2812B) and connected them t another pizero under my old music centre. Again searches spotify for any track being streamed on the squeezebox player and finds the track tempo parameter and then flashes the lights in various randon patterns to the tempo.

Lots of fun and I'm pleased with the result.

Here is the video: