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Greg Carlisle
2005-01-19, 10:47
Thanks -- I installed the latest nightly release (1/19/05) and did a Server
Settings / Performance / Wipe Cache- Rescan, but I'm still having the
missing "Genre" issue. I'm stumped.

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I thought this was fixed in the latest 5.4.1 - because I too used to
have a random selection of tracks filed under 'no genre' but these seems
to have gone away now,

Have you wiped the cache and scanned from scratch?


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Subject: [slim] Slimserver and iTunes issue

My Slimserver (v 5.4.1) doesn't seem to be synching very well with
(v. On any given day, the album, song, and artist count can
in Slimserver, without any additions/changes made to ITunes (which I use
my music library). Also, some "Genre" categories have completely
disappeared in Slimserver, with hundreds of artists/songs suddenly
into a "No Genre" category, but the genres are all in place in iTunes.
(This is really bugging me, as I use Browse Genres quite often with my

Have searched the FAQs, changed the library directory, rescanned and
rescanned, etc., etc., but no change. Running Windows XP Pro with a
Squeezebox on a hard-wired network. Approximately 7,200 songs in the
library, nearly all as Apple Lossless files.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be most appreciated.