View Full Version : Slimserver and iTunes issue

Greg Carlisle
2005-01-19, 08:56
My Slimserver (v 5.4.1) doesn't seem to be synching very well with iTunes
(v. On any given day, the album, song, and artist count can vary
in Slimserver, without any additions/changes made to ITunes (which I use as
my music library). Also, some "Genre" categories have completely
disappeared in Slimserver, with hundreds of artists/songs suddenly lumped
into a "No Genre" category, but the genres are all in place in iTunes.
(This is really bugging me, as I use Browse Genres quite often with my

Have searched the FAQs, changed the library directory, rescanned and
rescanned, etc., etc., but no change. Running Windows XP Pro with a
Squeezebox on a hard-wired network. Approximately 7,200 songs in the
library, nearly all as Apple Lossless files.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be most appreciated.