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John A. Tamplin
2004-08-13, 14:01
On Fri, 13 Aug 2004, Pat Farrell wrote:

> I'm lost. What are you arguing for or against?
> I don't care what the shipped RDBMS is, or even if
> someone writes a non-Relational flat file Perl::DBI that maps
> to the Objects and API and Schema.

I think SQLite is a fine choice for the default installation. I think
MySQL/Postgres/etc are too much for the typical user.

However, I do not want the distributed code to require extensive
modification to drop in a different database. I have written portable DBI
perl code for years and it really is not hard to write code that will work
across all databases (aside from the DDL, sequence numbers and blobs are
the primary things you have to watch out for, in addition to non-standard

(BTW, there are DBD implementations for flat files, DBF files, and pretty
much anything else you might imagine).

> I'd love to say I don't care that it be a RDBMS, and so
> open the door to Object-Oriented DBs, etc. but in practice,
> there are no successful OOdbs in widespread use. So RDBMS
> is it if you want a prepackages DBMS.

Not to mention there is no single API that would allow you to use multiple
OOdbms, or that would share that API with RDBMS. The closest you are
going to get are traditional RDBMSes that support objects, such as
Informix and Oracle. You can even use those features from DBI if you
create the objects externally.

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