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Craig, James (IT)
2005-01-18, 11:08
Now I have no idea!
Confirmation from any other users that the plugin works (or doesn't) on
Win2000 would be a start.

Are SlimServer and iTunes running as the same user?
Weird that iTunes comes up sometimes but not others.
I get iTunes crashes occasionally but they are usually detected and
don't crash SlimServer (although they can cause long pauses)
I have never seen a 'no data' alert.


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I'm not running slimserver as a service - I'm running
it from a DOS prompt.

When the plugin attempts to call iTunes, sometimes it
comes up, sometimes not, but it always pops up a
Windows ALERT window saying "The document contains no

I had always had iTunes already running before when I
tried this, so I never saw this alert until now.



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> Subject: [slim] iTunes Update Plugin Crashing
> slim.exe
> Hi Jon,
> It seems from the errors that the OLE connection to
> iTunes is not in
> fact successful.
> The line
> iTunesUpdate: OLE connection established to iTunes:
> Should be followed by the iTunes version number -
> hence the undefined
> value warning.
> The second error occurs when the plugin attempts to
> actually use the
> iTunes connection.
> Are you running SlimServer as a service?
> Does iTunes start running when the plugin tries to
> connect to it?
> (I haven't tested the plugin on Win2000 and I don't
> know if anyone else
> is using it on this platform.)
> James